Antur Waunfawr has received a glowing report following its latest inspection by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

The inspection, which took place on 19th September 2016, covered three themes; quality of life; quality of staffing and quality of leadership and management.

The quality of life at Antur was highly commended, with the person ‘enabled to live an active life, retaining as much independence as possible, and is able to make choices in daily life.’

The inspector found that ‘staff treat the person with dignity and respect, and are able to respect ethnicity and first language choices by conversing in Welsh.’

The inspector also praised the ‘person-centred-nature of the care files, as well as the integration of individuals within the community, stating that individuals have ‘friends and family visiting; this gives them a sense of belonging, warmth and attachment.’

Antur was also praised for its emphasis on high quality health and welfare needs, with the inspector noting that health care appointments were followed up with ‘detailed outcomes and instructions for staff’ and that ‘help is given with healthy food choices’.

The high quality of staffing was noted, with the ‘comfortable relationship’ between the staff and the person cared being highlighted by the inspector, who also said that the ‘staff files provide evidence of good recruitment and employment procedures within the agency.’

The leadership and management practices at Antur were praised, with the inspector commenting that: ‘staff meeting minutes show that any issues, changes in care needs, and any new ideas are openly discussed.’

The inspector also highlighted the good practices used during medicines management, with ‘information regarding each drug, its use, and side effects clearly documented in the care file.’

In conclusion, the inspector noted that Antur Waunfawr continues to provide good quality, personalised care, with no issues of non-compliance to report.

Stephen Goodwin, senior services manager at Antur Waunfawr, said: ‘Thank you very much to the team for maintaining such a high standard of service.’

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