Here at Antur Waunfawr, we are eager to enable individuals who receive a service from us to fully partake in adventurous leisure opportunities of their choice, regular social nights, annual holidays and days out.  For this reason, we offer leisure and therapeutic opportunities for these individuals in addition to day services provision.

Hamdden - Taith GerddedActivities include walks, bike rides, swimming, as well as a therapeutic service and our sensory room at Waunfawr. We also provide an evening and weekend leisure service.

Individual sessions can be offered, and include activities such as going to the gym to keep fit, shopping trips, or bingo.

Hamdden - Gemau Rotari - Manon a BrynWe also carry out a number of activities in groups which are open to everyone – social activities such as ten pin bowling, fishing evenings and trips to the theatre. Staff can also assist individuals to participate in activities in the local community, e.g. computer training or yoga or line dancing activities.


Hamdden - Llundain - Keith a PeterAntur provides holiday services which are available to all individuals who receive a service from us, but which can also be offered to individuals who are not currently receiving a service from us.

Activities can include overnight stays (e.g. to see a pop concert), a weekend away (shopping weekends) and week-long holidays (or longer) – all tailored according to the interests and needs of the individual.

Holidays can be local, within the UK or abroad. During recent years, we have arranged weekends away in Llandudno, London, Cardiff, Glanllyn, Shrewsbury and Sheffield, and holidays to Florida, Norway, France, Switzerland, Estonia and the Netherlands.

For more information on this service and the costs involved, contact heulwen@anturwaunfawr.cymru.