Antur believe that individuals with learning disabilities have the right to live a full life and to participate in the same activities as every other person. Although everyone is different, there are some core needs which are important to all of us:

  • To be part of a community
  • To have good relationships with family and friends
  • To create relationships
  • To learn new skills and gain new experiences
  • To have plenty of choice
  • To have status and be respected
  • To be treated as an individual

gareth 483Peter 697Where possible, Antur staff step back and let the individuals receiving a service do as much as possible for themselves. Where support is required with certain tasks, the staff provide the right level of assistance, and are careful not to give too much, or to do things on behalf of the individual.

We also use active support to help individuals achieve their goals.

Support at home

‘Cartrefi’r Antur’ supports individuals in their own homes, and gives every individual the chance to be fully involved in the running of his or her home.  This includes:

  • Developing and enhancing independent life skills at home
  • Full support with financial matters
  • Support with shopping and ‘Healthy Eating’

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For more information, please contact or call 01286 650 721.