Which areas does Llarpio Antur Shredding service cover?

We provide a confidential shredding service for homes and businesses in Gwynedd, Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and into Wrexham.

Why support Llarpio Antur Shredding?

Antur Shredding is part of the Antur Waunfawr family that provides work for adults with learning disabilities. By using Antur Shredding, you are supporting local jobs and reducing your carbon footprint. You can be assured that your confidential documents are being securely treated by specialists with years of experience in the field.

How do I start the process of using your confidential shredding services?

To use our services, please give us an email with your name, address and what you would like to be shredded (llarpio@anturwaunfawr.cymru). If you are a new customer and have not used our service before, we will send you an email confirmation with our GDPR contract, waste transfer notes and the terms and conditions. We ask that you sign these and email them back to us, and also that you keep a copy for your records. We need to receive these returned signed copies before we can begin to collect your confidential waste.

What if I can’t use my computer to sign the contracts?

No problem, please give us a call on 01286 669330 so that we can arrange for postal copies to be sent to you.

How does the shredding service work?

Once you have signed and returned the required documents, you are ready to use our shredding service. Phone us or email us with the number of empty red sacks that you require, and we will drop these empty sacks and ties off at your home or business. Once you have filled these sacks and secured them with a tie, please call or email us and we can arrange a collection for you. Our vans are out every week day, and collection can usually be arranged within a week, or within two weeks during very busy periods.

How much does the service cost?

We charge £6 plus VAT for each sack collected. There are no minimum or maximum quantities, we can collect anything from one sack to hundreds! You will be invoiced by our accounts department approximately a month after collection. You will only get charged for the amount of sacks that you fill.

Can I drop off the sacks at your sites?

No, due to GDPR legislation we must collect the sack from your home or business.

What size are the sacks provided?

Our sacks are 100cm x 60cm and hold approximately 25kg.

What items can you shred?

We can shred any paper documents. However they have to be in the red sack for us to collect them. We ask that you please do not put cardboard or lever arch folders in the red sacks.

Do I need to remove staplers etc.?

No, there is no need to remove staples.

Do I need to be present for collection and delivery?

For collection of full sacks – Ideally, yes, however, we can accept sacks left in a safe space, providing they are accessible. This is at your own risk, and for your security please use the provided cable ties and try finding somewhere well-hidden to store them – please make us aware of their location.

For delivery of empty sacks – there is no need for you to be in, we can fit these through letterboxes.

How secure is the service provided?

We provide off-site, confidential shredding at our CCTV-monitored site. All our experienced staff are CRB checked and materials are immediately baled after being in our industrial shredder to GDPR standards. Antur Waunfawr has received an “Accredited Certificate” from WCS, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

What happens to the shredded paper afterwards?

The shredded paper is baled, and the bales are then collected and transported to another site where they are milled into tissue paper.

Who do I contact if I need any further information about the service?

You can contact our base office on 01286 669330. If no one is available, please try our head office in Waunfawr on 01286 650721. You can also contact us by email on llarpio@anturwaunfawr.cymru

I have a problem with my invoice, who do I need to contact?

Please contact the finance department on 01286 650721. Please state your invoice number.