Warws Werdd - Banc dillad - Gemma a Neil

Warws Werdd”s clothes project includes collections from fixed banks, allowing us to reuse resources locally.  This service corresponds to Antur’s green mission, and creates jobs and training that benefit our local communities.

Warws Werdd - partneriaeth ysgolionWe collect clothes and other textiles on a daily basis from communities across the north of Gwynedd, and aim to reuse as much of this as possible by selling it locally.

We work with Community Councils, Colleges, Nurseries and Schools – currently, Antur works in partnership with 66 primary schools and we have 14 textile collection banks on 9 Gwynedd Council recycling sites across north Gwynedd.

Warws Werdd - Dillad Oedolion

As the Warws sells the clothes in their shop – Dillad Del – the clothes are reused locally, and so the money is also reinvested locally!

So, if you’ve got some unwanted clothes or textiles, why not donate them to us?

Warws Werdd, Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 2BD.